• ZF Automated and Automatic Transmission

    For Commercial and special vehicles

  • Torque Coverter
  • ZF Manual Transmission

    Ecosplit & WSK Torque Converter

  • ZF Product

    Particularly suited for powerful engine

  • ZF Transmission with Torque Converter Clucth (WSK)

    Mobile Rig, Crane, Military Vehicle, Rail

  • Highly Mobile Water Purification Systems

    BlueBox Pure H2O

  • BLUEBOX 1200 PureH2O
  • BLUEBOX 4000 PureH2O

    Mobile water purification plant

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ZF Product

ZF products are subject to high expectations: lower fuel consumption, improved husbandry of resources, but at the same time also better handling dynamics and more safety reserves for the driver and passengers. The claim to technological leadership in powertrain and chassis technology imposes the need to unfold creative potential in innovative products.

ZF Services offers you everything around your transmissions: new transmissions, components, genuine spare parts, and repair kits. Thus, premium quality, technology, and warranty at volume production level are warranted for the aftermarket as well.



Highly Mobile Water Purification Systems

Air adalah kehidupan, air bersih layak minum adalah bonus extra bagi kehidupan. Sebagian besar air yang tersedia dibumi tidak dapat diminum langsung tanpa merugikan kesehatan dikarenakan mengandung bakteri, mikroba, logam berat dan lain-lain.

BlueBox mengubah air danau, air sungai, air sumur, air laut dan air payau menjadi air layak minum. Cocok digunakan untuk kebutuhan bergerak maupun tidak bergerak, semua ini ketika air bersih menjadi issue utama.


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